Excellence in creating value over time”

Our purpose is not to generate only immediate value, but we build conditions that will continue to generate value in the future, with a major focus on both the substance and form of our actions.


We do our work with enthusiasm, professional pride and personal involvement.


We look at the whole picture and take care of all the aspects of our work in an active and competent manner.


We are committed to being a reliable group of reference that produces consistent and excellent results in the short and long term.
We will continue to work to strengthen our group identity, proud of our history and of the richness that derives from our diversity.
We are committed to embodying six fundamental values ​​and to adopting all the behaviours that underpin them. This shapes the way we work every single day.

  • Being authentic: our values ​​are deeply rooted in the way we work. We act with integrity every day doing what is right, not what is easiest to do.
  • Being excellent: we have the ambition of astonishing our Customers at every opportunity thanks to our passion and speed of execution.
  • Taking care of our people: we believe in our people, we invest in them and we empower them.
  • Learning: we listen to others and we are always eager to learn.
  • Bringing results TOGETHER: we believe in the value of teamwork and that working together, building on each interaction, will make us stronger.
  • Winning together with our Customers: our Customers are at the centre of all our activities.


Solid, confident, transparent. We’re keen on being like this. Our Customers need certainties and guarantees, the same that we have always been accustomed to giving to all our employees.


We have always strongly believed in human potential and in the importance of the Team.

Every member is hired directly and enabled to learn, grow, express his/her best and find recognition for his/her work.

All this translates into tangible and measurable results, especially for the Partners who choose us to represent their image and sell their products, and also for us because over the years we have seen our network grow exponentially and we have reaped one success after another.

“People are our strength


The LFM GROUP operates in accordance with an Organizational Model and an Ethics Code (ex D. LGS. 231/01). We are sound and accountable.


The working and economic conditions of our employees are defined in the CISAL and A.N.P.I.T. Agreements.


LFM operates in full compliance with Leg. Decree 81/01. Every employee, whether working at headquarters or out in the field, is endowed with the required certifications.